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My management consulting specialty is to quickly gain an understanding of a company’s diverse management issues and then help implement a practical program to a.) achieve better management control of operations and b.) provide a foundation for future growth. Using existing accounting data, I  create practical, low cost management information systems with financial reports designed and analyzed to identify key trends and financial issues.

Being a CEO in a high-tech manufacturing environment for 25 years has provided me with the tools to identify company dynamics. Seventeen years in a TEC/Vistage group with other CEOs has given me the chance to understand other companies in detail and help with growth and succession planning issues.

With decades of experience in managing all aspects of a multi-product group, multi-factory company, I have demonstrated that flexibility, accountability, and ongoing planning are key to long term success. I offer extensive hands-on expertise in strategic planning, creating strategic international partnerships and buying/selling companies. In 2008-2009 I sold my factories to two European buyers who continued operations without significant personnel or management changes.

I am experienced in value-added distribution, custom manufacturing, and long run production of catalog products in factories certified to ISO 9001:2000, DOD, and NASA standards. Strategic manufacturing issues addressed include inventory optimization, product life cycles, capital equipment selection, personnel planning, product mix, product line integration and downsizing.

Jon Wilbrecht - Principal


Stanford University Graduate School of Business – MBA

Wesleyan University – BA Physics


The Influence of Setup Time on Job Shop Performance

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