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Helping entrepreneurial companies plan, re-position, and move forward for a successful future.

Inflation, procurement issues, hiring issues, profitable customer retention, cash flow –
it’s time to gather the facts, convert them to useful information, and constructively act!


Managing the financial health of your company has never been more critical and doing this requires timely information – not numbers. Yet, an entrepreneur’s accounting data is often used solely for daily bookkeeping, required bank reports, and tax preparation. Because entrepreneurs with engineering or sales backgrounds often do not have training in financial analysis or ongoing interaction with experienced professionals, accounting data rarely is transformed into timely and actionable information.

Our service provides entrepreneurs with a written monthly review of financial progress, trends, and projections with an emphasis on how it relates to your planning goals. Instead of merely “number crunching”, the analysis is written by a senior executive capable of providing meaningful context with decades of hands-on experience in entrepreneurial management.

  • The process starts by updating your chart of accounts so that key variables are separated and monitored. Often this involves splitting payroll expense into departments, identifying expenses by product line, and refining Cost of Goods Sold expenses. Done well, this process expedites monthly analysis.
  • The monthly written analysis is based on your bookkeeper’s monthly P&L and Balance Sheet reports. It normally compares the month, quarter, and YTD key data with previous periods and identifies factors responsible for changes. Based on your budgets and sales forecasts, the analysis uses trend analysis to project future financial results and compares them to your plan.
  • The balance sheet is analyzed with an emphasis on cash flow.
  • If requested, Wilbrecht Consulting can provide monthly analysis of non-financial data such as machine productivity, raw material usage, and sales quotation performance.


Each company has its unique characteristics and, whether developing a single page business plan or an in-depth strategic analysis, Wilbrecht Consulting’s methodology can quickly integrate the client’s history and culture into forward planning.

With extensive experience in practical management information systems, strategic re-positioning, and manufacturing related issues,  Wilbrecht Consulting can provide unique options for smaller companies.


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